EASY! – Task & To-Do List

EASY! is the most effective productivity tool out there yet. The app that finally found a right balance between simplicity and rich feature set. With EASY! you can organize your tasks into four categories (To-Do, Call, Pay, Buy) so your task list is no longer so cluttered. Thanks to reminders you will never miss your meetings, outcoming calls or shopping again. The whole app is based on simple gestures so it feels slick in your hand while you are in control of your tasks. Discover a whole new way how to manage your time based on simplicity. Try EASY! yourself.

Set of features:

* Organize your tasks into four categories (To-Do, Call, Pay, Buy)
* Create different task lists for work, school etc.
* Set date and time to a task
* Distinguish tasks with a color depending on the day when they should be completed
* Reorder tasks
* Be aware of already completed tasks thanks to task history
* iCloud synchronization
* Gesture-based management of your tasks
* Available in English, Spanish, Portugese, Russian, German, Czech, French, Chinese and Japanese

Pro tips:

* Swipe down to create a new task
* Double tap to set date & time to a task
* Swipe right to mark a task as done
* Swipe left to delete a task
* Swipe down from the top to change a task list
* Swipe right on the top of the screen to go to settings

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