Settle Up

Settle Up! is an indispensable and stylish application that provides you with the easiest way how to keep track of bills and tabs between you and your friends. No more "post it" notes. No more desktop widgets.  All you need is this app and you never have to worry about money you owe to others or money being owed to you.

Are you a group of friends on a trip? Are you organizing a party together or buying a gift for a mutual friend? Are you a couple that likes to keep bills and expenses evenly divided between the two of you? Then you will find this app extremely helpful. It helps you to record shared expenses in a group of people so that you will be able to settle up easily later on. Simply put all your payments into the app, define who paid for it and who participated on that expense and the app will show you who owes what to whom or who should pay next. 


- cloud sync! (but also works fully offline)  
- user friendly interface
- focus on user experience
- stylish graphic design
- even and uneven split for payments
- integrated contacts from your iPhone or other device - names and e-mails
- possibility to have multiple groups and switch between them by swiping
- transaction tolerance - helps to eliminate transactions of small value by rounding off the amount according to your settings
- lower number of required transactions to settle debts among a group of friends

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