Redeemco coupons

The ultimate tool for Apple App Store and Google Play store promo codes management

Now you can send your promo codes to more people. See who redeemed it. Easily organize promotions and giveaways or recruit new press guys. It is time to start distributing your promo codes more effectively.

Supports iOS, Mac and Android promo codes.


Distributing promocodes

Distribute your codes wisely

Stop wasting your promo codes while sending review requests to press. With Redeemco the code gets only the one who is interested in trying your app, which grants less expired codes and better exposure for your app. (see more)

Create giveaways

Giving away your app on forums, Facebook or Twitter has never been easier and more effective. Fastest people will get your app for free, other can purchase it directly under same link. Settings in entirely up to you.

Easier and effective way to giving away your app on social networks
Know who used your codes

Know who used your codes

You can easily find, who is interested in your app, who redeemed the promo code and when. You can easily follow up on people who you know that they already installed your app.

Recruit new journalists

"Write us email if you want the promo code for our app" is boring. Instead, use the unique recruitment link, Redeemco makes it much easier for potential reviewers to request code for your app.

Recruit new journalists
Detailed useful stats

Useful stats

Redeemco offers detailed statistics so you can track your promotional and PR activities. See how many codes has been redeemed, who used them and which promotion or giveaway has been most effective over a time.


Current features of are free.
We’re working hard on some advanced features, which will be available for small monthly fee.

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